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HOW TO: Handle With Care

“How TO: Handle With Care” is a documentary style film about the past three years of Clancy Talbott’s life focusing on his relationship with the City of Toronto. The film strives to give grounded relationships and life advice well recounting a very hectic and challenging story of love.  The film is a collection of dramatic stories about Clancy's experiences with isolation, depression and loss. Rather than focusing or telling these stories verbatim, this film finds more light-hearted ways to communicate the same feelings with comedic "How To" segments incorporated throughout.

The majority of my work with the HOW TO team was on the title sequence. Clancy, the creator of the project, wanted to incorporate both the "instructional" element of the documentary with the sardonic style of humour present throughout the film. Using Photoshop, After Effects, Blender, and online motion capture data, I was able to design multiple fake brochures with custom characters animating along the surface of the pages.

Additionally, three title cards were created to transition between the various HOW TO segments the film comprises of. These were meant to emulate the broadcast TV error screens of the past.

Click the arrow to scroll between each title card

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